Duster-Sibling Captur Crossover Latest Spy Pics: 3 New Details [Update]

The very interesting Renault Captur is expected to rival soft-roaders like Creta etc… (Updated – New spy pics and three details from Autocar & Indianautosblog)

Now this is turning interesting. If you flip back a few pages you will remember that Duster created a huge furore in the market. It was a massive seller initially and continues to do decent business even till now. Recently, the same magic was recreated by its Kwid (which has crossover-type looks).

The understanding is clear – India loves SUV-type cars and Renault knows this very well. And this is precisely the reason they are preparing their next onslaught, a very interesting one actually – the Captur SUV.

Renault Captur
This is how the Captur looks

Captur, also called as Kaptur in Russia, has been spotted on tests in India for the first time by a couple of readers of Indianautosblog (& autocar). Captur, is a muscular looking compact-SUV built on the same platform of Duster but it is expected to be placed at a slightly higher position in the range.

Speculatively, it is a 2017 second half launch candidate and will fight out the senselessly priced Hyundai Creta.

HHA, as it is codenamed internally, will definitely get the same 1.5 Liter dCi diesel engine, most probably in the higher 110 PS VGT trim. There can be other engine options/combinations in the lineup as well apart from the automatic gearbox options. It is also expected to iron out Duster’s biggest shortcoming – the interiors. In terms of size, Captur is slightly longer than Duster but has a lesser boot space on offer.

Three Pointers Which Autocar Highlights

  • This is the first time where a right-hand drive version of Captur has been spotted. It is already on sale in Left-Hand Drive markets like Brazil and Russia.
  • The 1.5 liter diesel engine, they say, will be more powerful (than 110 bhp).
  • The biggest surprise is their estimate of Captur’s prices (about 16 Lakhs). 

While launches like Lodgy and some others have not worked for them, Captur is expected to be the next big hit for the French auto maker (if priced well).

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