10 Million Maruti Suzuki cars


Ever since (1983) Maruti started selling the 800 and later the Omni, they have always tasted the best of the success Indian consumers have to provide to them. Let it be 800, Alto, Gypsy or almost anything from there stable, have made it to best sellers charts. But from quite sometime we’ve noticed a bit of decline in sales as well as profit to Maruti, then there was a strike to make it worse. Times come and go.

So Maruti Suzuki, is almost back in colors, they have just rolled out the 10 millionth (1 Crore) car from their plant and they have chosen it to be the wagonR VXi bearing the chasis no.343899.

Maruti Suzuki seems to be quite happy on this occassion because they are first to do this in the country.

Our take? Wish you good times ahead MS, just come up with some more good cars and stop producing some.

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