145 hp Abarth Punto Launched at 9.95 Lakhs! Hottest Hatch in Town is Here

So, if this doesn’t get you excited, chances are, nothing else will!

At an event today in Delhi, Fiat has launched the new Abarth Punto, which is a monster in terms of performance, at an ex-showroom price of under 10 Lakhs!

The Punto Abarth is the second model in the Abarth line up and uses the 1.4 liter turbocharged T-Jet engine which produces a phenomenal 145 bhp of peak power and 212 Nm of maximum torque and is thankfully mated to a (5-speed) manual transmission.

Fiat claims a 0-100 kmph sprint in 8.8 seconds along with an ‘expected‘ top speed of 190 kmph. This will make the Abarth Punto the quickest and fastest ‘mainstream’ hatch in the country and it is possibly the only hatchback with a sprint time of under 10 seconds.


Apart from this, Abarth Punto gets a lowered ground clearance of 155 mm along with features like electric boot open, rear AC vents, Automatic air-conditioning,  foldable keys, follow-me headlamps, ambient light, ABS, EBD, 16 inch scorpion alloy wheels etc.


Abarth Punto Colors

The Abarth Punto is available in two colors…

  • Hip-hop black
  • Pearl White

both the colors get sporty red highlights and scorpion Abarth decals on the body which distinguishes ‘power’ from the regular version.


Fiat Punto Abarth is priced at Rs 9.95 Lakhs ex-showroom New Delhi which makes it a real hot preposition in the market and finally there is an affordable performance-oriented manual transmission car for the enthusiasts of the country. Abarth Punto will be available at all the 100+ Fiat showrooms across India.

2 thoughts on “145 hp Abarth Punto Launched at 9.95 Lakhs! Hottest Hatch in Town is Here”

  1. Fiat fanboys wet their pants again..If you’re doing journalism, atleast express your biases clearly at the start of the article..

    “Thankfully mated to a 5 speed manual transmission” Thankfully for what? I’d expect a 6 speed tranny if the engine was that powerful and everyone knows Fiat’s gearbox sucks balls compared to Suzuki’s

    The engine only makes 12NM more than the tried and tested DDiS 200 from Ciaz, ignoring the BHP (which is usually just a Gimmick)

    This is what happens when you let kids do reporting..sigh.

    • We “thanked” Fiat for keeping the ‘fun’ alive by retaining a ‘manual’ transmission.
      Moreover, your comparison is terribly wrong as this is a petrol engine and the example you have shared – DDIS is a diesel motor!

      And so many horses can never be a gimmick 🙂


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