145HP Fiat Punto Evo ABARTH: First Look with 20 Droolworthy Pics

Fiat India seems to have finally woken up from slumber and though a lot of analysts may crib about what they are doing, I am sure car aficionados are happy! The Italian manufacturer has officially brought their performance Abarth brand into India with the new 595 Competizione.

While this Abarth version of Fiat 500 is a full blown performance oriented hot hatchback (and a CBU) and hence carries a heavenly price tag (of Rs 29.85 lakhs ex-showroom, Delhi), there is something for a wider audience as well. Fiat also showcased and confirmed the much more affordable and real hot – Punto Evo Abarth edition which will be getting launched within this year.

Punto Abarth sports the familiar 1.4 litre T-Jet mill however, this one churns out….. wait a minute.. grab your popcorn….145 bhp! Another very interesting bit, I know all you enthusiasts will love to hear – it will come with a manual stick!


The car gets Abarth branding on the doors with the same colour of the decal being applied on the ORVM. The Abarth scorpion is seen on the hood and rear boot cover. The alloy wheels are the iconic scorpion claws and all the Fiat badging has been replaced by Abarth.

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The Punto Evo Abarth, unlike the Abarth 595 Competizione, will be manufactured in India which means that it won’t carry an astronomical price tag. We expect the car to carry a sticker price tag of somewhere around Rs 10 Lakhs which should make it a compelling case for all of you who always wanted a ‘Hot Hatch’! The closest at the moment is the Polo GT TSI which, unfortunately doesn’t come with a manual transmission!

And Fiat will be launching it soon!

For all of you who believe in your eyes more than words, here is a feast just for you…

Punto Evo Abarth 145 bhp First Look

Nothing less than gorgeous! This, matte grey is the second color we have seen for the Abarth version. First is the sparkling black! Face is the same. Notice the orange garnish lower grille and air dam.
The Scorpion clinching the bonnet of the car
Contrast Abarth badge on the sides. Black Punto Abarth gets Red colored badge
No Projectors…? Why..?
Signs of ‘power’! This sits on the bonnet
Abarth logo on the steering wheel. The instrument cluster also gets a few changes.
Seats with contrast yellow-red Stitching
Metal-top Paddles for added sportiness
The black, in motion! Torque figures are NOT known at the moment.
This pic captures the contrast perfectly. Orange tings enhances sportiness. Ground clearance seems to be similar to the regular hatch. Also notice the side skirts.
The gorgeous scorpion alloy wheels and 195/55 16 inch Apollo tyres. Abarth Punto also gets rear disc brakes (all 4 tyres with discs)

Fiat Punto Abarth Pic Gallery

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