Would you buy a Jeep costing upwards of 25-30 lakh INR?

Yeah, we thought we knew the answer. Not many would. Chrysler, now a Fiat owned company, also knew that and that’s why they are bringing the Jeep here as completely built-up units (CBU). Hence, the unreasonably high asking price.

Quite frankly, Jeep in its 2 and 4 door versions are aimed at a very few individuals who know exactly what they are looking for and are willing to get it regardless of the price. What the Jeep has is heritage. And Fiat- Chrysler thinks that India, steeped in history as it is, has people who would pay a premium to own something that has a proud pedigree and a history that goes back to the Second World War.

2-Door-Jeep-Wrangler-Sport (1)

Fiat- Chrysler officially declared that Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler will be launched in India towards the end of 2013 and we barely have a month and a half to officially wrap up the year. However, there is no official or unofficial word on the launch date of the car, or let’s say the ‘JEEP’ brand.

Jeep Wrangler is being thoroughly road tested and their sightings are turning out to be quite a fodder for online deliberations. Here is a new set of spyshots of a 2-door Jeep Wrangler Sport mule at a Fiat workshop, courtesy Rohan Desai, a member of Teamfiat.co.in. This is the second 2-door Wrangler mule which is in India apart from the Grey coloured one, one of our reader spotted in Pune a few days back.

To sum up, these iconic vehicles will come powered with engine output that we do not generally associate with a Jeep (read Mahindra). The two-door Wrangler Sport Petrol (pictured here), for instance, has a 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 engine that pumps out a whopping 285 HP of power and 350 Nm of torque. And if you, like most of us, are not used to mentioning a Jeep and diesel in one sentence, can have the 2.8-litre four-cylinder common-rail diesel capable of 197 BHP and 451 Nm of torque.

2-Door-Jeep-Wrangler-Sport (2)

During an official presentation, Fiat- Chrysler did reveal that they will be bringing the 4-door Wrangler into the market, but since its 2-door sibling is also seen testing itself on our roads, it is quite possible that both the versions will/may be introduced simultaneously.

We hope we will hear something concrete on the launch date of the awaited Jeep in India soon, till then we will wait and watch….

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– By Sufi





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