As was certain, the official details of the 2013 Audi Q5 facelift are out. Not much has changed this facelift from the upfront in this facelift after 4 years of Q5’s existence but the major changes are deep within. Read on to find out.

  • Mild exterior updates
  • Audi’s new six-point grille
  • Altered front bumper and tail lamp graphics
  • Revised, sharper headlamps
  • New steering wheel
  • Re-tuned Suspension
  • New Electromechanical power steering on all models
  • New Instrument Panel



  1. 3L TFSI supercharged V6 Petrol Engine: Produces 272 PS, 400Nm, capable of doing 0-100 kmph (62mph) in 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 234kmph (145mph). Fuel efficiency of 8.5 lt/100km (11.7 kmpl) on the European Cycle. Transmission: standard 8-speed Automatic
  2. New 2L TFSI Petrol engine that pumps out 225PS and 350Nm and an efficiency of 7.6lt/100km (13.15 kmpl) with manual transmission. Transmission: standard 6-speed manual
  3. 2L TDI Diesel engine producing 143PS 320Nm at FWD and manual gearbox: it runs for 100kms in 5.3ltrs of fuel (18.87Kmpl). Transmission: standard 6-speed manual
  4. 2L TDI 177PS 380Nm Diesel engine. Transmission: standard 6-speed manual
  5. 3L V6 TDI 245PS 580Nm Diesel Engine. Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch S tronic transmission

That’s not all, AUDI Q5 would also have a hybrid 2L TFSI rated at 245PS of peak power and 480Nm of top torque, capable of 0-100kmph (62mph) sprint in 7.1 seconds, top speed of 225kmph (140mph) and an average fuel consumption of 6.9ltrs for every 100 kms run.

Which engine would go to which country would depend upon the primary market and AUDI’s decision.


Check out the new Audi Q5 in this updated gallery.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


Source : CarScoop






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