2014 Skoda Yeti Disguised as Grand Vitara Spied in China

Czech auto-maker Skoda’s Yeti doesn’t really fit into the looks of Big-and-Butchery SUVs with it’s curvier headlamps and a “less-than-large” profile. But practicality was it’s USP and that is what compact SUVs are here for. 

2014-New-Skoda-Yeti-Spyshot (1)

It can venture quite a distance away from the black-topped roads into the woods thanks to it’s sufficient ground clearance and can glide without a scrape over the speedbreakers as well. Yeti’s undercarriage is covered and it offers an electronic differential lock-on as well.

An all-wheel drive along with lots of electronic gizmo like front and rear parking sensors, hill climb/descent assist and off-road drive assist make driving the Yeti enjoyable, and for those who like “plain, old-school” there’s a two-wheel drive as well. The interior also boasts of clever features like a “Flexi-Seating” option and a cargo net to prevent rolling of things in the boot space. The Yeti’s engine was also no slouch, it could literally stroll at motorway speeds.

2014-New-Skoda-Yeti-Spyshot (3)Now Skoda seems to be looking to beef-up their compact crossover. A test mule of 2014 Yeti was caught on the streets of China but hey what are those washed Suzuki logos doing there? Yes, dressed as a Grand Vitara, Skoda is trying to befool onlookers but it actually is a Yeti.

Various bits reveal that, most prominent of them being the distinctive hump over the bonnet. At a first peek, all the slouchness-from-the-image seems to have been eliminated, this Yeti appears to have meaner looks to it. The overall length might have been increased, and the front section inspires more awe and fear. The headlamps shed their “cutesy” image, now they are a lot sharper! The rear part of Yeti undergoes an even more drastic change. The tail-lamps have become chunkier, and the spare-wheel has been moved to the rear door while the number plate makes it’s way to the rear bumper. Infact, it’s difficult to recognize this new rear portion! Skoda might unveil this All-New-Yeti at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2014-New-Skoda-Yeti-Spyshot (4)

These spyshots featured a Chinese version of Yeti which is a larger market for Skoda. But if we turn our attention to India Yeti has not really been doing any good here. Its sales are nothing to write home about and we just get a feeling that Skoda must have something in their mind to resurrect its sales in the subcontinental country. Ever since its launch in 2010, Yeti has not really seen any major overhaul. With the growing craze for compact SUVs, this might just be the right time for Skoda to get into the act.

Current Skoda Yeti


Will you buy a New Yeti if Skoda plans to get it to India?



Source: Auto.Sohu

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