3 Nanos Caught Testing In Pune

I have already snapped a lone yellow colored TATA Nano testing on 22nd Feb and also mentioned that I have seen a Nano trio testing at a similar place prior to that as well. Well, today this Nano trio was caught yet again at Hinjewadi Phase 3 in Pune.


MotorBash TATA Nano 1


Upon following I found that they were doing regular rounds of the newly constructed Phase 3 road and repeating the same path. Tried to snap but sadly, was not with my E72. All the three models of Nano viz Standard, CX and LX were being tested. After a while, I stopped one of the drivers and tried to ask him any details.



He did not reveal any info but did say that at that current moment they were testing the fuel efficiency of the car. I tried to get more information but he budged all the questions. For the diesel Nano, he said it will take time for it to make it to the markets.

Launched in 2008, Nano has had a not so smooth run in the market with issues cropping up every now and then. Possibly TATA is taking no stone unturned to ensure that the most ambitious car project gets to the point where it was dreamt to.

Lets see if there is any news, it would get unfolded in not much time from now.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


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