Datsun is ready… we are talking Redigo Launch Dates now…

Update April 12: After the last few sketches, Datsun has revealed the production rediGO completely in a couple of sketch pics. And as expected, the car is very close to the concept which is a wonderful thing – it looks real good and has a high crossover-type stance. Also, Datsun has confirmed the commercial name rediGO and it will be globally unveiled in India on the 14th April at 12:00 pm.

It will be Datsun’s third car for India and will sit under the Go hatchback and is expected to be priced under sibling Kwid. We just hope Nissan offers power steering in all the variants, expect, may be, the base!

Datsun rediGO sketch pic front (1)

Here is the frontal view…

Datsun rediGO sketch pic rear

View from the rear – not bad we say!

Update April 8: Bit by bit, Datsun is revealing the RediGo and they have shared yet another teaser sketch of the upcoming small hatch. Although the original image is blackened, we tried to brighten it to understand its proportions and below is the output. It appears that the final production version will be very similar to the concept model, as they promised.

With the exception of headlamps and a few very minor bits, the updated sketch reveals that everything is very similar here including the silhouette and front face. You can compare that with the pic of the concept we have shared at the last.


Update April 1: Its official now! We have received the invite and though they have not specified whether it will be the launch or just the unveiling, it appears to be the latter. We have brightened the teaser image and this will give you a good view of how the RediGo will look from the top. There are clear crossover-ish muscles specially on the sides and it appears certain that Datsun will carry over most of the styling cues of the concept car, showcased back at the 2014 Auto Expo, onto the production version.

Datsun Redigo

Original Article 28th AprilDatsun seems very excited about their new entry level hatchback – the RediGo. As per a report on Autocar India, the Nissan owned brand will globally unveil their third car for India on April 14, 2016. Based on the same CMF-A platform, the same as that of the Renault Kwid, the production version of RediGo will carry a different flavour and will sport the design theme of the concept showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo.

There is no confirmation if RediGo will share the same 799 cc three cylinder 54 PS 72 Nm mill from Kwid but it looks like the Datsun will get the same or a derivative of it. Kwid boasts of several interesting features such as a touchscreen infotainment system, among many others, however, Datsun may give these amiss to reduce costs and price the product competitively.

Redigo Launch
Datsun RediGo concept showcased at the Auto Expo

Here’s what Mr Trevor Mann, Chief Performance Officer, Nissan had to say about the car:

“We have a very good car which is very different and very urban-centric and in my eyes its got a lot of stunning points like a modern fresh face and I believe that we have a very unique offering that hopefully, the Indian customer will appreciate.

He also added that RediGo will be roomy on the inside and it will be easy to get in and out of the car. Like Kwid, it will also have a high ground clearance.

In an official communication, earlier this month, it has been announced that Renault-Nissan’s Chennai plant will add a new third shift for Kwid’s current demand. It also mentions that this has been done to prepare for Datsun’s third model which will launch in the coming months. This pretty much aligns with Autocar’s report which claims that 14th April will only be the unveiling of the production version of the car and Redigo launch is slated a month later in May.

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Trial production of RediGo is believed to be underway and if Datsun can significantly undercut Kwid, they have a winner in hand, for sure! After this, they will launch the Go Cross.




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