If you are in Mahrashtra reading this article, I am sure it will put a wide smile on your face. Amidst heavy protests and incidents of violence, Maharashtra government has taken some steps to pacify the angry drivers and road users.

The government has decided to shut down 44 toll plazas in the state according to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar in a report at NDTV.com. According to PWD minister Chhagan Bhujbal, the government has cancelled toll booths which are in their final phases of collection with only a part of money left to be collected from road users.


Though the government will have to pay 309 crore rupees to the toll makers for this step, but this will be a definite relief for the common man.

This is a good move by the government and we urge them to take down the toll booths which are operating illegally despite their tenure getting over. I have spent many years in Pune driving around the state and have encountered some notorious toll booths which did not appear to be legally correct but were functioning because of some nexus between local netas!

I also hope, there is not much of a difference between order passing time and complete abolition of the 44 toll booths which the government has earmarked.

Call it a political move before the elections or anything, but if implemented within timelines, this would be hugely beneficial for frequent travelers in Maharashtra. We hope, other states also follow suit soon!





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