Mr Chacko at Kanyakumari

There is no dearth of passion in our country! As they say, if you have the will to do it, you will do it no matter what may come. This is a similar experience when

a 63 year old veteran drives through on a countrywide Indian expedition on a Tata Nano!

Mr  Chacko at Kanyakumari

Thomas Chacko is a Kochi based 63 year old automobile enthusiast. He started his countrywide expedition on a Nano on 3rd May from Mumbai. Traversing across the country he took 78 days to cover 26,500 kms which included State capitals, union territories etc. In all he covered more than 100 towns and cities of India.

During this expedition, Chacko covered all corners of the country – Tawang, Kanyakumari, Dwarka, Kargil, Ladakh which included Khardung La (highest motorable road @ 18380 ft) and Nagpur along with visiting Bhutan as well.

On this momentous occasion Thomas Chacko said, “I chose the Tata Nano for this journey because it is the car that has put India on the world motoring map. It also has very good ground clearance and climbs well. The journey was not a joyride but an expedition to explore the country and know the people. The 78-day all India drive has tested the Nano across the some of the most rugged terrains of the country and through all kinds of weather. The car emerged successful in this test of endurance.

Mr  Chacko on his way to Khardung La

 “The Nano is a dream project. It is every person’s aspiration to own a car and the Nano fulfills this dream. In a way, this small wonder has fulfilled my dream to explore India.

“This journey has indeed been an achievement and a book is very much on the cards. It would perhaps be named Mano et Nano: India to its farthest reaches”, he added.

About Mr. Thomas Chacko:

 A 63-year-old, Kochi based motoring enthusiast, Mr. Thomas Chacko, is a FCS, from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. After a successful 20 year career as company secretary and interim chief executive of a major plantation company, he is presently a company secretary in practice.

A motoring buff, Mr. Chacko has participated in several motorsport events. He is also a Formula One car racing aficionado, and has watched races in Sepang in Malaysia, Singapore, and Monaco. He likes traveling and has visited over 27 countries and has also driven cars in Bhutan, Canada, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the UAE, the UK & the USA.






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