Interesting 7-Door Trax ‘Giraffe’ Spotted!

In their attempt to increase their market share in the Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV) segment, Force Motors is keen on a rather strange looking experiment which they are internally calling as Giraffe! The company is working on a new product in the Trax range which is going to add a completely new definition to the term weirdness!

Force Giraffe

While most companies strive to make their product a 7 seater, Force Motors has gone a step ahead and made a 7 door vehicle! This picture from Autocar Professional shows a near production ready form of the Giraffe. Using the same Trax platform with an extended wheelbase it is expected to be around 400 mm longer.

The report further states that the Giraffe will have an additional third row of seats apart from the usual found in the Trax. Three rows of seats and two bench seats will bump up the seating capacity to 14 passengers and a driver. Powering the Giraffe will be the same four cylinder 2,596 cc engine producing the power equivalent of 60 horses and a maximum torque output of 158 Nm in the range of 2,000 to 2,200 rpm, which is low by any standard!

This 7-door Trax Giraffe is expected to hit the market sometime next month. But we are more interesting in the BS4 Gurkha Force!

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