7 Seater Mahindra Mini Xylo Spied yet Again, 3 Cylinder Engine Informed

Mahindra’s Mini Xylo has been in the news for quite some time now because of its frequent spy pics over the internet.  A few days back we spotted a test mule zipping past in Pune and here we catch another one this time at a fuel station.


But there is a difference here! We went upclose to the drivers and had a small chat along with checking out the cars interiors. Here is what we got to know.

  1. It seems Mahindra is testing two models of Mini-Xylo – one based on the newer Xylo and this one based on the earlier Xylo.
  2. Seating Configuration: The most important revelation is that this was a 7 seater Compact SUV. It had two jump seats at the back.
  3. 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine: The biggest question which has been left unanswered till now is the engine? If this car has to avail the lower 12% excise duties, it has to be smaller than 4 meters in length, which it should be. The second criteria is that the diesel engine should be less than 1500cc. Rumors point out to Renault’s 1.5 DCi engine which does duty on Verito. But we were told that this is a 3-cylinder engine. We tried all the three common engines from Mahindra – Xylo (2489cc), Scorpio/XUV (2179cc) and Bolero (2523cc) but could not attain that figure of under 150cc by chopping one cylinder off.
  4. Space:  Strictly speaking this is a 5 seater as there was literally no space for the 3rd row passengers. The jump seats could best accommodate 2 cute little kids and small children.
  5. Middle row had good space and seats were flat.
  6. Seats were all light fabric and did not exude any kind of great quality.
  7. Tyres were 205/65 15 inchers.
  8. Dashboard and other interiors looked inspired from the big Xylo sibling.


There was a convoy Bolero along with this mini-xylo, pic of which you can see here. Its expected that Mahindra would place this mini-Xylo under the current Bolero and with the 7-seater perspective along with extra features, they would want to sell this. We expect this mini-xylo to get launched within a couple of months from now.


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