A Hint of Partial Rollback in Petrol Prices

If this sounds déjà vu, don’t blame us. This is how it works here in India. In an event which looks we have seen getting repeated many a times, government has shown some signs of partial rollback on the increased prices of petrol.


While we may call this as a result of protests or anything, but everything looks preplanned nowadays. The modus operandi is to increase a fuel’s price by 10x and as after obvious public and political furore, decrease it by x and speak at the top of your voice that we, as a political party are ‘considerate’.

Anyways, a possible good news is that the government might rollback the increase in petrol prices partially. Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said, “The party is hopeful that some kind of a modus vivendi involving the central government, state government and the oil companies will be arrived at…. We are hopeful that the government would find a way out so that some of this burden is eased which would provide relief to the common man,”

Meanwhile oil companies are defending the price increase and are reluctant to let go any pie of what’s coming.

Do you feel petrol prices would really be rolled back substantially?




Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


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