A Hundred Thousand Fiat 500’s In UK!

Fiat celebrated the selling of it’s 1,00,000th or say 100,000th model of the ‘500’ in UK. And a moment of proud for sure it seems, in just 4.5 years, Fiat has managed to do this. Fiat also achieved a place in the top ten cars sold in April only with a sales figure of 2600 cars. And then there comes the proud moment.

Elena Bernardelli, Marketing Director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK, said, “We were always confident that the 100,000 landmark would come. It’s a wonderful achievement and I am sure that we will see many more sales successes in the years to come.”

While Fiat announced this news, they also mentioned the likes and preferences of the customers that 80% of the total cars sold were bought with the 1.2 litre petrol engine and only a mere 8% were with 900cc TwinAir engines. Also, 48% of the customers preferred and bought the Lounge trims.




Ankit Tiwari

Team MotorBash


News Source: MotorBeam.com

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