The latest you can relate to this news snippet is when our homegrown company faced something similar with a product called “Gulsar”. It’s the turn of an international biggie to face the music now.

VW Taigun Clone

Few days back, we shared with you the European media’s first drive impressions of the Taigun Compact SUV concept. Production isn’t expected to start soon; 2015-2016 might be the earliest when you can start seeing them on our roads. However, Taigun might arise in China even earlier, albeit in another form.

We weren’t aware of Jiangsu Continental Motors before this struck. An upcoming project that the company is working on might spawn a so-called “Clone” of the Taigun. We aren’t even aware of what the product is named as Mandarin isn’t on our skills list. Nevertheless, the meat of the matter is that the model seems to draw heavily from the Volkswagen Taigun.

VW Taigun Clone

Let’s begin from the front. Indeed, the tyres are thinner. But can you deny the more than obvious similarity that’s being offered?? The droopy-eyelids-type-headlamps are there on both cars. It is the grille where the differences arise, with the unnamed model bearing a resemblance to that of the Land Rover Freelander. The little less prominent silver-grey cladding beneath the bumper is the only other mismatching part.

VW Taigun Clone

Look at both of them in profile, and we are sure it will be hard to distinguish. Other than the rims, there is no distinguishing factor. The wheel arches on the unnamed model might be less prominent than those on the Taigun, but they are muscular. The roofline follows a very similar drooping path, and the windowline rises on both the cars. Nearby, there is a faint difference. The Taigun has a bulged-out C-Pillar, whereas the other one sports a more subdued one.

VW Taigun Clone-rear

It is the rear of the vehicle where one has the best chance of distinguishing these two cars. The tail-lamps on the Taigun are smaller than those on the other model. The under-bumper cladding also finds its way on to the Taigun but not to the other unknown model. One can also see a difference in the rear gates.

If this model manages to make its way to the market before that of the Taigun, the Chinese would have added another glorious feather to their reverse-engineering cap. Should Volkswagen be worried then?

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