There is some definite new-found connection between Chevrolet’s new designers and Hyundai. First it was the new Cruze and now this new 2016 Spark (sold in India as Beat)!

Chevrolet has unveiled the All-New Spark at the Seoul Motor Show and it looks absolutely different from the current car on sale. Chevrolet tells that the new Spark will offer better efficiency and refinement from its new 1.4 liter Ecotec motor which churns out 98hp of power which is 16 percent more powerful than the current model. It is mated to both manual and automatic transmission options.


Chevrolet adds that the car is built on an all-new architecture which will offer more precise and safer handling. In terms of design and styling, we still like the current model which looks a lot sportier, and different from the rest of the small cars.

2016 Spark comes with a 40mm lower height and ‘slightly’ longer wheelbase than the current model. This, the company says, helps in reducing aerodynamic drag and enhances overall efficiency. Despite the reduction in height, the company promises ‘generous’ headroom.

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The new Spark also comes with enhanced safety in the form of Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure warning, side blind spot alert etc. Chevrolet says they will offer the new 2016 Spark in over 40 markets and it will go on sale in United States in the fourth quarter of 2015. We are not sure if this car is also destined for India…




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