No, ain’t joking. The MKIII or the third generation Ford Focus, which was launched some time back in Thailand this year has an intelligent park assist system and Ford calls it ‘The Active Park Assist’ system. Great thing about this is, you just need to press accelerator or brakes as per needed and the car slips itself into the given spot.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volkswagen Passat has this feature almost globally and this gen Ford focus will be the cheapest car to be loaded with such a quality feature.

The Ford Focus also boasts a unique ‘The Active City Stop’ system. If someone or something comes in front of the car, this system automatically engages brakes. Need of today in India! We wonder how many might end up banging the rear end of the car though.

This third generation Ford Focus is expected to be launched in India in 2014 with an expected price tag of 14-16 lacs INR.


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