OFFICIAL: All-New ‘Elite i20’ Design Sketches Revealed

While all were busy dissecting the new Hyundai i20’s design since the first (rather second) undisguised pictures surfaced recently, Hyundai today officially revealed the design renderings of the Next-Gen i20, which was designed at Hyundai Motor’s Design Centre Europe in Rüsselsheim, Germany.With it we also get to know that the new car will be known as “Elite i20” – I’ll reserve my comments on the nomenclature…


The company says that the new Elite i20 features the brand’s ‘Fluidic Sculpture 2.0’ design philosophy in a sophisticated and distinctive design. I agree with them on both – I had said that in my previous piece about the new design. What I don’t agree with is the ‘dark treatment’ meted out to the C-pillar even though the designers might think that “in profile, it visually accentuates the car’s length.


The renderings are usually superfluous and the production models, more often than not, are subdued versions. However, if you compare the new i20’s renderings with the actual car, you’ll notice that there are more hits than misses in the final design. The overall muscularity has been retained and, thankfully, the designers have refrained from incorporating extra creases and wedges all around. Again, how I so wish that I could saw out those extended corners of the rear bumper…

Anyway, we all know now that the new Hyundai Elite i20 is a handsome car and it’s being launch sooner than you expected. We’ll give you the lowdown on it in another news piece shortly.

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