Along With Airbag, Datsun Go to Get ABS & Stronger Structure; Will be Sent to NCAP for Re-test

Now that sort of an impact is what we wish to happen to bring about safety in our cars. After GNCAP revealed the lack of integrity and safety on Datsun Go, there was a big furore over safety in cars in India.

GNCAP’s boss, in fact, went onto the extent of writing a letter to Nissan’s top boss urging him to discontinue the Go from the Indian market. Though that did not materialize but Nissan has taken the feedback seriously and if this report at Economic Times is to be believed, they are working on the car to make it safer. Here is a list of changes that are expected to be incorporated…

  • Airbags
  • ABS
  • Higher grade steel for better structural strength

Nissan is going to use higher grade steel and add reinforcements to make the vehicle safer in case of an unfortunate crash.


A few months back, the newly revived Datsun had received Zero stars in the Global NCAP crash safety tests. While most small cars in India do not have even an iota of safety the Go received high amount of flak from everywhere as Nissan is known globally for making safer cars and the Go is probably the only car with such flaws (Go+ was not launched then).


The report says that the company will use steel which has a tensile strength of 520 mega Pascal from the current 320 mega Pascal. It will also add side beams on both sides of the car to increase the overall rigidness of Go. Along with this, it will also get ABS and driver side airbag.


After the inclusion of these, Nissan is also expected to send the new bettered Go for re-tests to NCAP.

We really like the way Nissan is reacting to the whole story. We have seen some manufacturers like Hyundai, who live in denial and duck the safety question by saying “all our cars meet Indian safety regulations!”. To reveal a thing or two about our current Indian guidelines – the outer passenger mirror is NOT mandatory here!!!

Nonetheless, someone in our government has also woken up to this and India is expected to tighten the noose on car safety here and we may have crash tests mandatory in a few years from now!

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  1. Its a great gesture from Nissan/Datsun on the feedback from NCAP on GO’s Safety. So called Maruti/Suzuki on the other hand instead of justifying producing unsafe Cars in India, this is something which has to be learnt from its Japanese counter part Nissan.


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