New Alto K10 AMT: Cheapest Automatic Car Launch Early November

Maruti Suzuki’s small cars are the most loved hatchbacks in India and not without reason. They are light, which makes them both peppy and frugal, reliable, and easy-to-drive cars which are not only cheap to buy and run but are also backed by the most extensive and fantastic after-sales support system in the country.

No wonder then that even a facelift is looked upon with great interest by the masses, and if there’s news of a ‘new’ car by Maruti, then people just can’t seem to have enough of it!


Despite the fact that almost everything about the new Alto K10 is out in the open, the most important question is its launch date which is when the prices will be out. So we would tell you about the car briefly but, most importantly, we would also tell you when it is coming to a showroom near you.

Well, without any further ado, let us first tell you that the car will be launched before or around the middle of November 2014; yes, that’s within a fortnight from now. Initial plans of November 3 launch have been delayed according to our sources and an official launch will happen anytime after that, but as we said, most probably before the 15th of the month.


And once it comes it would be the cheapest automatic (automated manual) car that you can buy in India. Of course, the manual will also be present but it’s the AMT variant that we expect people will flog to, thanks to the ever increasing traffic on our roads.

While the engine is the same 1.0-litre petrol unit in the new car, it has been tuned to extract 24+ km to every litre of petrol, which is more than the ARAI figure of the outgoing Alto K10 and even Celerio AMT. The dimensions and weight have also seen alterations and the new car has become 15 mm taller and 75 mm smaller.

The former gets you more headroom while the latter should not compromise the legroom as the wheelbase does not look like it has been touched, and only the overhangs seem to have been shortened. The new K10 is also a massive (for the segment) 75 kilos lighter than the outgoing car, which should make it even zippier now. All is well then.

The price difference between the Maruti Celerio manual and AMT variants is around 38-40 thousand rupees, and Maruti Suzuki might lessen that difference in the new Alto K10 without increasing the price of the manual variant. And if that happens, you would be able to buy an automatic car for less than INR four-lakh ex-showroom!

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