Analysis: See How Much have the On-Road Prices Increased on Cars over the Last 15 Months

We all keep on listening to/reading that prices of cars have increased because of excise duties, rise in various levies or an ultimate increase of ex-showroom prices or some or the other reason. Let us see by how much actually it has impacted us.

This is a comparison done on B2 segment hatchback Maruti Ritz LDi. The model chosen is Ritz simply because that is what I bought last February and hence it would give a clear indication of actual increase in prices.

About Ritz:

Ritz is Maruti’s premium hatchback offering and comes in petrol and diesel options. It comes in 4 trims in petrol (LXi, VXi, VXi ABS and ZXi) and 3 trims in diesel (LDi, VDi and VDi ABS). The petrol is powered by the 1.2L 84bhp 11.5 KGM K-Series engine while the diesel is powered by the famed 1.3L 74bhp 19.37KGM DDIS (miltijet) engine.


Ritz Price Comparison February 2011 and May 2012:

Fortunately for me February 2011 was the month where Maruti was offering a flat 18,000 cash discount on all the variants of the car that included diesel variants as well, which is unheard off these days. Here is the actual difference:

 car price rise in last 15 months

Check out the last figure. On-road Prices have gone up by a whooping ~Rs 90,000. Even if we neglect the discount part of it, Maruti has raised the ex-showroom prices by ~Rs 40,000 and the percentage increase (without considering discount) is also ~Rs 70,000 or 13 percent. However if you haggle around you still can get corporate discount and a few tidbits here and there but the approximate figures do reveal that prices have really taken a big hike. It’s not only company’s hand, a look at the road tax hike of 66% reveals that governments are also making merry!


Similar is the picture for other cars as well. Here are approximate price increases

  1. On road Prices for Wagon R LXi LPG have risen by around Rs 90,000 in the last 2.5 years
  2. On road price increase of approx Rs 30,000 on Ritz LXi in last 15 months in Pune
  3. On road price increase of approx Rs 80,000 on Ritz VDi in last 15 months in Pune
  4. On road price increase of approx Rs 95,000 on Swift LDi in last 15 months in Pune


*All figures quoted are approximate figures to give a picture of how prices of cars have taken a sharp rise and how taxes and various levy increase affects us. May 2012 figures taken from a local showroom price list effective from 1st May 2012. Prices are with octroi for both the comparison months.


The blue Ritz displayed above is the new facelift which would be coming to India soon. You can read more about the new Ritz in:

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