And Before You Forget, Here is Mahindra Reminding You of Scorpio Again [TVC]

Somehow, India is a very interesting market. What is boggling is that we call ourselves very cautious and shrewd car buyers who want value for every penny spent.

In times when proper 7-seater SUV’s were thought to be the best bet (and the only options we had), 5 seater Renault’s Duster caught everyone by surprise. It outsells everything in and around that segment. But what has held its place is Mahindra’s consistent Scorpio.

This is the Under Test Scorpio we caught recently. Click for details

The SUV has been closely keeping a vigil and Mahindra is possibly waiting for EcoSport to take away Duster’s wraith! Interestingly, we have also caught a new entry-level 4×4 Automatic variant of Scorpio under tests in Pune.

Meanwhile, amidst all this, Mahindra has released a new TVC of Scorpio. What lies in the TVC is what you can check for yourself, but this does put a question mark on a generic speculation going around about a possible refresh to the SUV before the all-new Scorpio hits our shores next year. Does this mean the current Scorpio will continue without any tweaks before we get to see the new one?

You enjoy the yet to be aired on TV Commercial, as we try to dig deep.

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