And Here is the Maruti-Suzuki SX4 S-Cross!!

Maruti-Suzuki pavilion also showcases another new segment for the company. This is a crossover vehicle called the SX4 S-Cross. The imposing, rugged black SX4 S-Cross has been displayed as a reference SUV and will target people upgrading from compact cars and sedans.


The key highlights:

  • Distinct styling with bold, sporty crossover shape, strong lines, and excellent aerodynamics.
  • More space for passengers and luggage. The S-Cross has C-segment dimensions.
  • Claimed to be easy to drive despite its large size. Also is versatile when it comes to interior space usage.
  • New 4WD system with ALLGRIP technology. Gives the driver 4 selectable driving modes for better traction and safety.
  • Double sliding glass sunroof. The S-Cross has one of the largest panoramic sunroofs in its category.
  • 5-star safety rating in Euro NCAP; that’s equivalent to Honda’s CRV.

Maruti-Suzuki-S-Cross-Showcased (4)

The SX4 S-Cross if and when produced will cater to global markets and will help strengthen Maruti-Suzuki’s product portfolio. Maruti has tasted sweet success with its Ertiga, and they feel the SX4 S-Cross will be a good choice for people wanting to upgrade from compacts and hatchbacks. Do you feel so??

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