And it Continues Testing! 20 Pictures of 2 TATA Safari Stormes Roaming Around in Pune…!

As we shared with you a few pictures about a normal Pune registered Tata Safari Storme roaming around a few days back, here we catch one more Storme which sported normal Pune RTO registered number plates. 

It also seems that TATA has possibly made some last minute major changes/alterations which have made the testing prolonged. We have heard that TATA gives its soon-to-be-launched under test cars to its senior employees for testing. It, possibly is the same case with Safari Storme. This SUV was metallic dark grey in color and was spotted at Baner road.


In our last catch of this car we shared with you how rigorously TATA is testing Storme  to ensure things do not go wrong anywhere.

There is another white colored Safari Storme which was caught on the outskirts of Pune. Here is a gallery of 20 pictures of both the cars.

And yes, we do not know when are they coming! Possibly Diwali?

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