Another Blow: Automobiles Get Costlier in Maharashtra

With every passing budget in India, general crowd have been on the receiving end the most. As if the raise in excise duty was not enough in the central budget, Maharashtra’s state government has given another blow in the state budget by increasing the excise duty on automobiles.

Motorbash VAT Increase Maharashta

Value Added Tax on Petrol cars has been raised 2 percent and on diesel cars it goes up by 4 percent. The new VAT structure would mean an additional burden on the customer.

The new magnitude of damage would be huge. So, if you are planning to buy a car under 10 lakh, say, Swift, you would end up paying Rs 9300 for petrol variant and an insane Rs 23000 for the diesel variant. If you plan to own a car which falls in the 10-20 lakh bracket, say, Toyota Altis, you would have to shell out Rs 22000 extra for petrol and Rs 48,000 on the diesel variant. And if you are planning an over 20 lakh car, say, Mercedes C Class, your pocket would go lighter by Rs 51000 for petrol and 1.07 lakh for the Diesel variant.

The reason given by the government to increase tax is to ‘discourage’ use of petrol and diesel vehicles. Ok! At least that is what the government’s way of thinking is!

In some relief, taxes on CNG powered vehicles have been reduced by 2 percent.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


Figures taken from Times of India

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