Hyundai Literally Scorns at Buyers with Second Price Hike on Creta in 2 Months

So, it has almost become a marketing ritual now! Manufacturers announce price hike effective new year well in advance to create a sense of urgency among buyers. This way you end up buying an old model year car to save up on the upfront costs which, you eventually will loose out when you are in the market with your then-used car.

Nonetheless, that is being followed industry-wide and there is nothing wrong with that as well, since you also get some year-best discounts and offers on your favourite cars.¬†Like 2014, this year also a few manufacturers have announced price hikes which will come into effect from January next year ie barely within a few days…

Hyundai is one of them but there is more to it… the price hike will include Elite i20 and Creta among other models.

Back in July, when Hyundai officially launched Creta, the prices could best be described as ‘ambitious’. However, carrying the wave, Creta quickly displaced Duster and there was a long list of buyers waiting for their compact SUV. As a result, waiting periods increased and Hyundai enjoyed the game.

Hyundai-Creta-Official-Pics-White (3)

Barely within three months of launch, Hyundai surprised everyone by announcing a price hike on an already overpriced product by (upto) 22k. It made no sense at all! You can check out the quantum of hike here

Now, if that was a surprise, the new announcement of a hike getting effective from January 2016 is nothing short of a shocker. They are so confident that they have not even decided the tune of price rise for the compact SUV yet but the announcement is in place!

Creta is a nice little offering as a product but it is terribly overpriced already and by consecutive price hikes every couple of months, Hyundai is just making merry and laughing away to glory…

Just for your information, early next year, we will have competition in the form of Vitara Brezza from Maruti, 7-Seater BR-V from Honda and the Duster facelift from Renault! So, save up we suggest…

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