Rumoured Apple-Mclaren deal will bring a lot to the table. We discuss more on this…. 

It was a report on Financial Times which first kickstarted the news of Apple planning to acquire McLaren. It added that the tech giant has been negotiating with the British supercar maker for months now. The Automotive, motorsports and technological company will reportedly cost Apple around 1.5 billion pounds. If this deal goes through, it will be the US tech giant’s largest deal since they acquired Beats Audio for 3 billion dollars in 2014.

Mclaren Automotive sold more than 1,600 cars last year and has one of the most successful Formula One teams. Not only has the sports car division registering losses, but their motorsports ambitions have also hit a roadblock due to their poor performance in F1. Apple’s backing will definitely help the ailing automaker. Here’s what both the parties stand to gain from this deal:


  • Apple is believed to be working on an autonomous car under the Project Titan. While initially they were planning to bring out their own cars, the word on the street is that now they might just be working on the software front. Buying McLaren will take care of the technological aspects of it.
  • Can they buy it? I mean a car company, even a brand as small as McLaren is not exactly cheap. Apple though has more than 200 billion dollars, in cash! I guess that sums it up.
  • Having a car brand under its umbrella will help it challenge Google’s autonomous project.
  • McLaren as a brand though is exactly opposite to what Apple plans to do in the automotive arm. They don’t even offer adaptive cruise control! Music system? Nope…


  • Jokes aside, apart from an infotainment system (an iPod maybe 😀 ) and any software add-ons, they will get a secure funding base. The brand has announced that they will be putting in 1 billion pounds in the next 6 years for R&D.
  • McLaren’s Formula One team would also stand to gain a lot. Apple’s engineers can be a big benefit for them. McLaren’s experience in handling crisis and having a low turn around time for problems will benefit Apple.
  • McLaren is known to be highly compliant in jumping from prototype to production ready state quickly. That’s another gain for Apple. McLaren will be able to help them achieve their final goals faster.

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On the other hand, McLaren released a statement denying any discussions with Apple regarding a potential investment. While denial is usually where these deals originate, the speculation does hold some significance. In fact, the official spokesperson added that McLaren has regularly been in confidential discussions with various parties.

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Time to wait for an official or a concrete and final word on this Apple-Mclaren deal then…



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