April 2013 Sales: Duster Continues its Devastating Run; Sells 5362 in Renault’s Total 6314 Units

Renault Duster was one compact SUV which easily stood out as the most anticipated and best performing car for last year. Since its launch, Duster has been scorching the sales charts with some mind-boggling numbers leaving others in the segment absolutely bamboozled!

Duster has single handedly taken Renault many places ahead in the manufacturers monthly sales tally which includes older and more experienced companies of the likes of Volkswagen, Ford, Honda etc. Continuing its devastating run at the sales tally, Duster registered a whooping 5362 units for the month of April 2013. These are 85% of total Renault’s sales of 6314 units for the complete month.

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These figures are a 10 fold increase year on year where Renault managed to sell only 615 units in April 2012. In this month of April 2013, Renault also won the TNS Voice of Customer Award for highest total customer satisfaction.

Interestingly, the remaining 4 cars from the stable did not even sell 1000 units in total! Though these figures are lesser than last month of March 2013 where Duster managed its best ever 6313 units and Renault managed total sales of 8232 units, these are fantastic by any standards for a car that has been in the market for sometime. The biggest point of consideration is the fact that Duster’s magic continues despite Renault increasing its price by 1 Lakh since its launch (See Details & Current On-Road Prices).

However, the going will not be easy for Renault marching ahead considering that its arch-rival EcoSport bows in India in a couple of months. And a point of concern for Renault should be its other cars which are doing average business for this French auto major. If we discount Duster’s sales, then Renault sold a measly 952 units which is not a significant achievement if we compare it with its April 2012 sales.

Renault should be cautious with its Indian innings and be not carried away by Duster’s success. It might just not be too long lasting as competition is heating up from all sides. According to few speculations, Renault is preparing a 4 Wheel Drive Duster for India as well.

Total Renault sales Carwise

Renault April 2013 Sales
Model Total Units
Duster 5362
Scala 545
Pulse 358
Fluence 39
Koleos 10
Total 6314

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