New CRV Comes Closer to us, Honda Confirms CRV’s Australia Launch at All-Time Low Prices

Australian wing of Honda confirms the launch of the fourth generation CR-V. Mr. Stephen Collins, Director, Honda Australia, said that implementing a front-wheel drive system will cut down the starting prices to an all time low range in history. “We still need to finalise it, but certainly you don’t need to be Einstein to work out two-wheel-drive has got to be cheaper than a four-wheel-drive”, Mr. Collins said.


New 2013 Honda CRV

The previous generations of the CR-V was available only in Four-Wheel Drive variant, thus making it costlier. The all new CR-V will start from a price of $ 28,090 for the base model with manual transmission. The fourth Generation CR-V will sport features like Large Multi-Function Display, Integrated Bluetooth Phone Connectivity, Rear View Camera etc.


This fourth generation made it’s debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show in November, 2011 and went in sale in December. Australia bound CR-V will be slightly softened Euro-Spec model with more refined styling. This Euro-Spec model is set to go on sale in Europe in next few months.

New 2013 Honda CRV

Final specifications still remains unclear. However, the US-Spec CR-V is powered by the upgraded version of the existing 2.4-Litre Petrol engine that pumps out 138 kW of power and 221 Nm of torque. This upgraded engine is also fuel efficient by 10 per cent compared to the old one.


We know you’re thinking that it’ll never take off in Indian car market with no Diesel Engine Options. Wait! Here we come to the point! Mr. Collins confirms that Australia Bound CR-V Line-Up will definitely include a diesel engine option, and the expected launch could be in 2013.

We will have diesel in CR-V, it’s just a question of when we can nail it down”, he said. “it certainly won’t be this year”, he also added.


The spec of the Mk4 CR-V’s diesel engine is still a mistry. But a 2.2-Litre Diesel Engine powered CR-V is already on sale in Europe and in Parts Asia. This engine produces 110 kW of power and 350 Nm of torque. It consumes 6.5L/100km in four-wheel-drive manual transmission and 7.4L/100km in case of the automatic. But the big question still remains: when will it make its way to India? Well, nobody seems to have any answer to that!

Full specification will be available closer to its launch in Australia in the month of November, 2012; so stay tuned for more updates!



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