“Aria is a Misunderstood Concept”; May Be Axed!

For the first time we are getting a hint that Aria’s consistent flop show is irritating Tata Motors and the crossover may be axed from the lineup!

According to Livemint, a few persons close to the development of Tata’s new SUVs revealed that Tata is evaluating options for Aria and accepted that Aria is a ‘misunderstood concept’ in the country. It begins to be understood that Tata may discontinue the Aria brand when the new SUVs will come to the market, targeted sometime for 2015 launch.

This is the Aria facelift that should come to India soon

However, what we already know is that Tata’s Safari Storme got delayed by not one or two years but half a decade! (More Details). Considering this, we can not really be sure if Tata’s upcoming SUVs, which are being developed with Land Rover’s help, will really be able to hit the markets in the planned time frame.

And till they make way, Tata will continue to offer Aria in the market. It is also obvious that Tata will continue to use their second generation utility vehicle platform which underpins Aria and Safari Storme.

Tata launched Aria in 2010 in the Indian market at a time when no one expected and considered buying a Rs 15 Lakh Tata car. Various measures have been taken by Tata to push Aria: by adding frills, launching price cut variants, offering huge discounts etc however, the crossover has just failed to move out of the showrooms.

Tata-Aria-Automatic-AT-Pic (2)
This is the Aria Automatic we spotted a few days back. Click pic for details

Aria as a product, is a nice comfy crossover however, it will never be able to attract customers for the price it commands and for the ‘flop’ tag it has earned. What we do not understand is the fact that Tata owns Jaguar and Land Rover and if their products are still niggle-prone, sub quality standard, what kept them away from getting more than help from the British manufacturers which are known for quality and luxury?

Nonetheless, the crossover is still here in the market and will continue at least for a couple of years. Till that time, we know Tata is also preparing an Automatic transmission Aria which we busted a few days back (Check Spyshots). What we will really love to see is a Tata SUV with non-conservative looks and Land Rover kind of technically sound niggle-free demeanor!

And yes, we will not really miss you Aria 😀

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