Around The World In A 1965 Volkswagen!

Picking up a new motorcycle, car or SUV and doing that Ladhakh trip is easy. Try taking an old vehicle even for a weekend trip, and you’ll immediately start looking at people with utmost respect who are not only painstakingly keeping the automotive history alive, but are doing so outside the museums too…


One such chap is Jens Jacob, a German-born entrepreneur, whose undying love for his 1965 Volkswagen Kombi Van, coupled with a desire to see the world, compelled him to do something that would normally fit into the “bonkers” category.


Well, five years ago, he put a small kitchen, a water tank, spares, tools and some books in his Volkswagen Van, nicknamed “Bluee”, and started his world trip with a view to understand different cultures and traditions – yes, a road trip around the world on a vehicle that’s almost half a century old!


Okay, our man was single when he started the trip, but he met his wife, Cynthia, on the journey and together they have now travelled over 26 countries and covered more than 60,000 km !  They have travelled to and through The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Oman and Iran, and are in India at present.

The India leg of their journey began in Mumbai and will continue along coastal roads in the country, until the couple finally leaves for Nepal and Tibet, via West Bengal, and then on to Indonesia, via Vietnam.

Updates on their travels could be followed here at

Time to take out my own 1966 Willys Jeep then…

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