His dreams, weren’t just dreams but the expectations or say hidden wishes of almost everyone on the planet. We think even the Communists love to have the features of the iPhone on their Samsungs and Nokias. Such was the vison of this legend. And this brings us back to one of his thought where he once thought of designing a car! An iCar! But he preferred to leave us instead, Late Mr. Steve Jobs was one of the greatest visionary when it comes to electronic gadgetry and instruments and one Italian Desginer named Mr. Liviu Tudoran has designed a concept car and has named it iMove.

To be noted that Mr. Liviu Tudoran has designed this concept car after extensive research on Apple Inc.’s product range, keeping in mind what kind of material Apple uses, for glass, for screens, for plastics etc. And then the Steve Jobs ‘tadka‘ by putting that special aesthetic appeal in it.

As per our friends at MotorBeam, the car is expected to launch by 2020. Magical number for a year in automobile field, it seems. Anyway, no one knows whether such a car will ever be a reality or not, what We loved is the purity and simplicity yet so space age looks. An electric car it will be, could be Hydrogen powered as well. And I think it will be nice to read the features like We all are in class 5th: –

  • Transparent body and cabin to give the driver that ‘Cabriolet’ feeling.
  • A touch screen panel in place of steering wheel- Space Age!
  • Photo-receptors at the roof to keep charging the batteries while on the move.
  • Could be a 3-seater keeping in mind the modern nano families and to give huge storing capacity (wonder if they will measure it in GB or KG or litres).
  • Expect customizable colors for interiors, body and rims by employing photo-chromatic and other advance light emitting components.

Apple Inc. should appreciate the efforts in this Italian job and should actually start thinking in such a field and direction. Late Mr Jobs would have done We believe.

News and Image Source: MotorBeam.com




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