Audi India unleashed its most powerful model in the Indian lineup with typical pomp and show by handing over the first RS7 Sportback to Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan. Mr. Joe King, Audi India’s head, was present at the press conference to hand over the keys of the car to Mr. Khan.


Not only the RS7 is Audi’s most powerful Indian offering, it effortlessly combines the brute force power of a sportscar with the sheer elegance and luxury of a coupé. Powered by a mammoth V8 Bi-turbo engine, the Audi RS7 Sportsback comes with a hefty price tag of INR 12,856,000 (ex-showroom Mumbai).


Being the most powerful one in the Indian lineup, one would expect the Audi RS7 to have real glossy specifications. The powerful engine breathing fire under the bonnet is a 4.0 TFSI V8 Bi-turbo engine that churns out an astronomical 560 horses. Not only that, the torque rating is even more ground-shattering, rated at 700 Nm from 1,750 rpm to 5,500 rpm.

In spite of all that raging-bull-in-a-china-shop characteristics, the RS7 continues to do its bit for the environment. It boasts of a Cylinder-On-Demand technology that is quite akin to the multi-cored processors of today’s smartphones. When the drive is a light-hearted cruise with the sunroof open and one’s girlfriend by side, not all cylinders go on a pinging frenzy. But when it is a drive that tends to push you back in your seats, all the cylinders kick in with urgency, unleashing the full power. All this gizmo-giri ensures lesser Carbon Dioxide emissions and better fuel efficiency.

Coming to more numbers, the Audi RS7 does the sprint from standstill to a ton in a heart-rending 3.9 seconds! It doesn’t stop impressing you there…it carries on and takes you all the way to a awe-inspiring top speed of 305 kmph. Of course, this top speed isn’t attainable in the regular RS7 Sportback. It needs the installation of an option pack.


As with all Audi products, the RS7 Sportback makes an understated style statement which might be mistaken by opponents for incompetence. There are no outrageous body angles, and neither there are too sharp edges. The RS7 Sportback is rather more beefy, with its humongous, glossy engine grille and the flared sills. Add-on parts are available in matt aluminium if one wants to jazz up the looks a bit.

Audi RS 7 Sportback

The real menace lies in the eyes…uhm, the headlamps. Accented by the Daytime Running Lamps, the headlamps add a degree of suspense to the beast’s character. The angled shape of the headlamps does provide a bit to that character, too. Not only that, the Sportback carries with it some RS7-specific design characteristics that lend it a distinctive identity among all other models. These include RS7 logos on the engine grille as well as the interiors.


The RS7 Sportback comes loaded with cutting-edge technology pioneered by Audi’s experience with luxury cars over the years. The piece that takes centrestage is Audi’s trademark Quattro Permanent All-Wheel Drive system that provides an advantage in road traction and driving safety. The RS7 Sportback has a newly developed central differential in the Quattro system, and it boasts of a high locking rate. The RS7 also boasts of a specifically tuned adaptive air suspension system and an eight-speed tiptronic transmission system.

Audi also showcases wih aplomb its lightweight construction technology in the RS7 with a hybrid-aluminium chassis design that weighs 15% lesser as compared to one made up of steel. With all these technical marvels, the RS7 has a distinctive and sporty character.


Cooccooning the occupants inside the RS7 Sportback will be an all-black interior with many details in carbon inlays accompanied by matt aluminium. The doorsills are illuminated, and all over the car’s interiors you can expect a show-off of the RS7 logos. All these are accompanied by RS sport seats with integrated head restraints. The RS7 includes two rear seats with somewhat sportier ergonomics than usual.

Instrumentation includes the – MMI navigation plus with MMI touch and BOSE sound system as standard offerings. The interface provides RS-Specific driver information with a shift light as well. Audi offers numerous assistance systems as options, tire pressure monitoring systems and temperature displays being a couple of them.

The RS7 Sportback is destined for those who walk the high echelons of society, and are used to projecting power in their day-to-day activities. Coming at a mammoth 1.2 crores, the Audi RS7 Sportback is well worth the car to dream of!! It is available in all Audi showrooms across the expanse of India, and you can head over there just to drool and salivate over the beast. 😉

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