New Audi Q3
New Audi Q3

Audi is on a rampage and despite the slowdown in the Indian car market it is growing at a rapid pace. In fact Audi is the fastest growing luxury car maker in India.

For the last month of September 2012, Audi registered a total sales of 1011 units which is the highest ever in Audi’s Indian history. This accounts to a growth rate of 82 percent over September 2011 in which Audi managed to sell 555 units.

New Audi Q3

Audi sold a total of 5511 units during the complete 12 months of Jan-Dec 2011. September 2012 also marked the milestone where Audi surpassed this figure in a mere 9 months period where sales were 6417 units. For this complete year of 2012, Audi has targeted sales of total 8000 units and they are on the verge of crossing this figure comfortably. The festive season would act as a boon for them as well.

In September Audi also opened up their 21st (of the 25 planned this year) dealership in Goa. The next dealerships are planned in Kanpur, Lucknow and a couple of other cities of India.

Audi’s recently opened dealership in Goa

Clearly, its the Audi Q3 which is leading the bandwagon and has sold more than 1000 units since its launch in India. Audi is the leader in luxury SUV segment in India with Q3, Q5 and Q7. Recently Audi announced a price hike on Q3 and is considering increasing prices of the remaining models sometime soon.

At this feat, Michael Pershke, Head of Audi India said, “Our performance in September has been stellar. We have witnessed a record month with 1011 vehicles sold, our highest ever in India so far. Apart from this, September also enabled us to cross another milestone by surpassing our annual sales figure of 2011. We are confident of crossing the 2012 sales target of 8000 cars even before the year comes to an end. We have had a very exciting 9 months in 2012 and our robust car sales amidst the taxing market scenario highlights the conviction our brand enthusiasts have put in Audi. Our Q-life range – Audi Q3, Audi Q5 and Audi Q7, continue to strengthen their leadership in the luxury SUV segment and are emerging as the top-sellers this festive season. Increasing input costs, inflation and weakening of the rupee forced us to increase prices for Audi Q3 and we are also evaluating price increases for other models in the later part of the year”

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