Audi Recalls 220 Units of Q5 SUV in Brazil Over Sunroof Issue

German Auto maker, Audi in Brazil has recalled 220 units of their Premium SUV, Q5 over a sunroof issue. All these 220 units are manufactured in 2012. The issue with the electronic glass sunroof is that, at the temperature of -20 degree centigrade, there is possibility of breaking the part. As a consequence, this might lead to concentration loss of the driver and might also result in injury of passengers because of broken sunroof parts.

The company has advised the owners to call a number or check to confirm if their vehicle is included in those 220 units of Q5. The entire replacement procedure will be done free of cost and there’s no dead line for the service.

We do not hear any such exercise here in India so far.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash

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