The German car manufacturers known for producing luxurious and technically advanced cars, Audi has managed to sell a total of 667 cars in India in January 2012. In January 2011, they managed to sell 480 cars. This simply means that they had 39 percent more people wanting to park Audis in their gardens.

Sales of Audi for January 2012

During the whole of 2011, Audi clocked total sales of 5511 cars which in itself was a big achievement as these figures are an impressive 84 percent higher than their tally of 3003 cars sold in 2010. At this growth rate, Audi looks all set to achieve their target sales of 8000 cars in 2012. To achieve this target Audi will have to register a year-on-year growth percentage of 45% which means that approximately 2500 more people would get to feel the luxury of an Audi this year.

“2011 was an exceptional year in the history of Audi India. Further, we are pleased to announce that Audi has continued this successful performance in January 2012. Despite the current market condition, we aim to sell 8000 cars in India in 2012 and with the new year beginning on a strong note, we are confident of achieving this target. We attribute this growth to a strong brand pull we have in the Indian market…” said Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India.



Talking about Audi globally, Audi AG sold around 1,302,650 cars in 2011. China became Audi’s biggest single market with sales of 313,036 units.  In Europe, Audi increased sales by 12.1 percent to around 726,300 cars. In USA also Audi registered double figure growths. In all, Audi ended the year with record sales in more than 50 markets.




Saad Khan




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