Audi TT RS ‘Plus’

Audi has just unveiled and unleashed all the horses it could manage to, under the hood of the all new Audi TT RS Plus.
Powered by a 2.5 litre 5 cylinder turbo-charged engine, which pumps out a whooping 360 bhp! Mated to an all time Quattro all wheel drive set-up with an ‘S-tronic’ Auto’box and a 6-speed manual, this car does something inside-out or say oopsite to what we think, 4.1 seconds for the Auto tranny to reach the tonne mark or say 62 mph while 4.3 seconds for the manual for the same speeds. Top speed is limited to a 174 mph and to make it seen as well it has some new visual graphics as well like 19 inch wheel rims painted black and red, a ‘single frame’ front radiator grille and a carbon-fibre mirror housing, a new end-can with a flap to make it loud, loud, and louder!

News Source: Top Gear UK
Image Source: Top Gear UK

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