August 2014 Car Sales: A Look At How Manufacturers Stacked Up

The falling rupee had cast dark shadows over the auto industry. It was expected that a bloodbath would follow at the bourses, and all automakers will shed some.


However, the reality at the end of the month hasn’t been so grim. With the largest automaker of the country posting a turnaround in this time of gloom, there definitely was a silver lining in the cloud. A few shed some figures, and hence it was a mixed bag of a show.
MB Sales article August 2013

Maruti Suzuki:

Let’s start with the largest automaker, Maruti-Suzuki. The company did a U-Turn after 9 months of a rough phase, in these equally murky times. Well, someone said it right : Cometh the hour, cometh the man!!Maruti-Suzuki-Swift

Maruti-Suzuki registered a 61.2% jump in the combined monthly sales figures when compared to the figures in the corresponding month of the previous year. From 54,154 units in August 2012 to 87,323 units in August 2013, it is noteworthy. Another notable fact is that the sales of its passenger cars have doubled, led by the Swift and its saloon version Dzire. Deliveries of utility vehicles have dropped, even though Ertiga is doing well.

Honda Cars India:


Honda Cars India was also in the same boat, clocking up a growth of 63%. It managed to sell off 8913 units in August 2013 as against 5470 units in August 2012. Much of it can be credited to the Amaze, as it consisted a lion’s share of the sales pie. Honda piggybacked its way to success on the Amaze, selling 6242 units of the Amaze last month.

Ford India:


Ford India stayed nearly even-stevens with its previous year’s figures. Combining both exports and domestic sales, Ford India had delivered 10,352 cars in August 2012. Last month, the number rose to 11,065 units, a growth of 7%. The EcoSport was a major player in this success, racking up popular urban sentiment.

Renault India:


Now, let’s have a look at French automaker Renault. Their already tiny numbers have been hit due to inflation, rising interest rates and increase in fuel prices. The number of units sold in August fell to 3733 units this year from 3916 units in the previous year. Nevertheless, Duster continues to muscle on.

6056 Dusters were dispatched in July-August 2013, up from 4378 Dusters in July-August 2012. It is also remarkable that Renault’s sales have grown four-fold for the year-on-year eight month sales from January to August. 10,139 cars were sold during Jan-Aug 2012, and that number surged to 45,986 cars during Jan-Aug 2013. Impressive!!

Mahindra & Mahindra:

mahindra scorpio

Mahindra and Mahindra has suffered major setbacks, too. Both domestic and export sales have tapered off. The total figures for August 2013 sat at 37897 units, around 17% lower as compared to the figure of 45836 units in the month of August 2012. All its products have taken a beating, including its mainstays like Scorpio and Bolero. Their executives have been desperately sulking for a short-term fiscal stimulus from the government.

Audi India:

New 2012 Audi A4 MotorBash

Quite surprisingly, a luxury car brand has bucked the trend. FOUR RINGS recorded a spike in both Year-on-Year comparisons of monthly as well as cumulative data. Audi sold 875 cars in August 2013, up 21% from 726 in August 2012. Similarly, the numbers from Jan-Aug 2012 stood at 5406 vehicles. They have grown to 6426 vehicles for the period of Jan-Aug 2013. Audi is emboldened by this performance of theirs, and the sky is their next limit.

Conditions may be belligerent, but then where there’s a will ( Rather “Wheel” ), there’s a way!!  😉

This article should have been published towards the first week of this month but somehow we could not share this up on time. We will be sharing this monthly sales report with you every month and hopefully on time from next month.

It will be exhaustive and more detailed and will include more manufacturers. If you have any specific feedbacks please share with us.

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