Auto Expo: Honda Showcases Vision XS-1 Compact SUV; Pics & Details

A few days back, Honda surprised everyone by thrashing the speculation of Vezel and instead, confirming a Brio-based compact SUV for India. And it was expected that Auto Expo would reveal a few new details on this development.

And what Honda delivered is a surprise, Vision XS-1!


Honda’s creative study model of a new crossover utility vehicle at the Expo has managed to spawn deliberations. Obviously, that was the intention behind the mutinous design of the Vision XS-1. Take, for instance, the single sliding door providing access to the 7-seat layout inside, yes its a 7 seater! That’s hot! Baking, in fact, if the weather happens to be inclement on a given day.

Honda says the concept is based on their original ‘MM’ (Man Maximum, Machine Minimum) philosophy and the skinny 5 seats in the rear would bear that out. There is room enough for seven people on a short ride with ample glass all around to take in the views from the surroundings. The Vision XS-1 looks uncluttered from the inside with futuristic and sporty exterior.

The Vision XS-1 might not see the regular production lines in the near future, but with the design, Honda does give food for thought as to how a compact crossover could be made with a versatile passenger compartment inside a seductively sumptuous body. Full marks for the stunning design. Naught for practicality.

However, we do see a production version of this compact SUV for our markets and it can be as early as next year. Honda, bring it on..!

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