Auto Manufacturers on the Internet!

Hey! We ain’t saying that they weren’t on the internet before, nor we saying they are coming up with new websites. What all we are saying is they want to reach you with the most possible means they can; The Social Media and the Social Networking Websites.

The Automobile manufacturing companies worldwide, are now facing towards websites like Facebook and Twitter to market their products efficiently and cheaply than before, they are sharing news with you and organizing contests so that they can know you and your needs better and sell their products.

As per Shrawan Raja’s recent report on his, the hike in the numbers of electronic gadgets, specially the smart-phones, everyone is now in touch with internet and it is a very potential tool for marketing. And Skoda has already started promoting its Fabia in Europe via Facebook, Only Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Alto has a very strong fan following of more than 9.5 lacs!

But, let me have my word, I don’t know how huge impact will it make, one thing is for sure, you can now interact with the companies better and have your say efficiently, whether you’ve got problems with them or you just simply love it more than anything, join in, tell them what you feel and let’s see how they reply back, with their answers or better products.

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