Aveo & Aveo U-VA to Get Replaced by Sail & Sail U-VA

Chevrolet is rigorously testing their SAIL duo and traces can be found at many places. We don’t think there is any other car which has been caught so many times before launch.

Just day before yesterday we caught one in Pune.

MotorBash SAIL Hatch


Anyways, it seems imperative that the ailing Aveo and hatch Aveo U-VA would be axed as the company launches the Sail duo. Chevrolet might retain the ‘U-VA’ suffix for Sail hatchback to differentiate it with its sedan version.

The Sail hatch is expected to be launched first between July and September. The car would be powered by the 1.2L petrol engine from Beat and the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine. Considering what we have seen so far of the car, Chevy should be banking on the practicality, drivability and price to make it a lucrative preposition in the already crowded segment.

A bigger challenge for Chevy would also be to snatch share from Swift and Ritz which already come with the same Multijet engine.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


Source: AutoJunction.in


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