AWD Ruled Out for Creta; Hyundai Says Buy Santa Fe if you Want AWD

The compact SUV segment in India was fired up by Ford EcoSport and was boosted further by Renault’s Duster, which was placed a segment higher. Like most manufacturers Hyundai also took notice and started work on a new product to get their share of the pie, the result of which is the recently launched Creta.

Apart from its higher than expected price tag, the other miss is the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system. We expected the company to consider the same some time later, just as Renault did with their Duster. To confirm, we tried striking a conversation with the Hyundai management at its launch press conference. However, they informed us that they are NOT planning an AWD for Creta anytime soon!

Hyundai-Creta-Official-Pics-White (3)

In fact, Mr Rakesh Srivastava, Sr Vice President and Division Head, Marketing and Sales, Hyundai India, added that those who want an AWD SUV should/can go for the Santa Fe!

New Santa Fe

Now, that’s interesting! Just to draw a picture, Creta’s range tops out at Rs 13.60 lakhs while the Santa Fe’s base version (which coincidentally is a 2WD) starts at Rs 26.89 lakhs. The range topping 4WD Santa Fe attracts a price tag of Rs 30.21 lakhs, more than double of what the Creta is sold at (all prices ex-showroom in Delhi)!

So if you are in the market for an all-wheel drive SUV, Hyundai wants you to double up your budget (any which way) and go for the bigger Santa Fe. And if you are not a Hyundai loyalist and sane enough, you always have the option of the very potent Duster (AWD)!

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  1. can you imagine an MD saying something as idiotic as this anywhere else in the world?

    Indians should boycott this vehicle. but of course they won’t.


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