MB Reader Snaps Bajaj RE60 On Test Yet Again

MotorBash reader Nikhil Sood sent us these pics of Bajaj’s RE60 testing on Pune roads. The vehicle does not look any different than the production-ready model Bajaj displayed at this year’s Auto Expo, and that’s a good thing. No, I am not talking about its styling; I am just saying that the launch might not be far away…

Bajaj-RE60-Pics (1)

The display car’s roof was painted silver, and so were all its pillars, while it was yellow from waist down. The test vehicle retains the same body colour for the lower half while the upper half is camouflaged. At first glance you’ll be forgiven to think that it has a cloth roof and the rear windscreen and rear windows are of the zippered-plastic variety which the early RE 60 test mules had sported. But look again closely and you’ll see a spoiler (no less!) jutting out from at the rear edge of the roof.

Bajaj-RE60-Pics (3)

In these images, you can also see two celebrity brothers of an Indian reality show volunteering as test dummies… No, wait, those are actual dummies used to simulate rear passengers. Look below and you can make out that the rear hatch is fixed like in the Tata Nano, and it’s also a rear-engined car like the Tata!

Bajaj-RE60-Pics (2)

However, while the Nano sports a 624 cc twin-cylinder engine, the RE 60 comes with a single cylinder 216cc unit. It has been given four valves, fuel-injection, liquid-cooling, and three spark plugs as well!

Bajaj RE 60 is a quadricycle that weighs around 450kg and would run for 35 km for every litre of petrol. You can further imagine the running costs of the CNG RE60!

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