Concept S:

At the ongoing Beijing Auto Show 2012, where every manufacturer is trying hard to showcase its technical prowess, Honda showcased a concept minivan named as ‘Concept S’.

  • According to the company ‘S’ stands for Stylish, Smart and Surprise.
  • This Concept minivan gets motivation by an unspecified hybrid powertrain
  • It gets a spacious cabin. How spacious? We don’t know!
  • This is a trailer of a production model which Honda plans to launch in China next year.
  • Global release would follow soon after.

It has not been mentioned by Honda to which markets this minivan would go to.



While the Concept S minivan is a global model, the Concept C mid sized sedan is a Chinese Specific model. On first looks, the car does look fantastic and gives a glimpse of what lies ahead for China’s sedan market from Honda.

  • The production version would go on sale next year in China
  • According to Honda, ‘C’ stand for Cool, Challenge and China
  • This would be an exclusive Chinese model and would not be shared with other markets

We are sure India would not mind such a ‘Cool’ car!







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