Here’s why an electric scooter from BGauss should be your next commuting solution

Chances are that you are already convinced that the next big thing in the mobility space is electric and if you aren’t, you better be! Because everything points to only one thing – the future is electric!

Smelling massive opportunities, a lot of players have emerged in this space ever since the Government started pushing the envelope in this regard. However, there are a few that stand out among the crowd, and one of them is BGauss. In this piece, we list some pointers on why you should consider an electric scooter from this young brand if you are scouting around in the market for one.

Global legacy of the parent company– BGauss is owned by RR Global which is a 35-year-old, 800 Million Dollar corporation that has garnered significant recognition worldwide for its revolutionary electrical solutions. Chances are that you may have already used electric wires or cables created by RR Kabel. BGauss is another innovative offering from the same parent company. That is reason enough to imbibe confidence that you are buying a product from a very reliable brand that has been in this space for many years.

Bgauss electric scooters

Flexibility – BGauss has a scooter in both – high speed (B8) and low speed (A2) segments. Low speed scooters do not need to be registered with the authorities and nor do they require a driver’s license. That gives you the flexibility to choose one depending on what you are looking for. The A2 can be a great option for young adults in college or so, whereas the B8 is better suited if you’re an urban dweller travelling to work every day, and are in need of something that fits all your daily mobility requirements.

Stylish Looks – The A2 looks real sporty with its motorcycle-like handlebar and twin LED headlamps perched on the scooter’s front. It is designed to appeal to the younger college-goers. On the other hand, the B8 has a more contemporary and versatile approach to style, and can be ridden by people across age groups and genders. Its appearance speaks to its agility and its compact dimensions and light weight make it perfectly adaptable to Indian roads and traffic conditions.

BGauss B8

Standout Features – The B8, which is the slightly more premium variant, is powered by a 1900 Watt motor from Bosch and churns 94.6 Nm of torque. You also get premium features like Push Button start, Remote Lock/Unlock, Boost Speed, Anti-Theft Motor Lock, Anti-Theft Alarm, reverse mode, side stand sensor and USB charging port to name a few. The A2 is also equipped with a majority of these features.

Bgauss electric scooters
Bgauss A2

High Range & Price – BGauss’ scooters come with a range of upto 75 km in one full charge. You can get your batteries fully juiced up within three hours and the best thing is that they’re portable and can be charged anywhere. Further, the Lithium Ion battery version is removable and gives you the option of charging it from any standard power outlets. That includes conventional household 3 pin outlets, so you can charge your scooter just as easily as you can charge your phone!

All of this and more at starting prices of just Rs 52,499 for the A2 and Rs 62,999 for the B8. This is terrific value for your money and in case you are considering getting one home, you can make inquiries, book a test drive or make a purchase online.

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