US carmaker Ford has achieved a milestone of sorts. With a move that is the largest ever recall in Indian motown, Ford has called back different badges of its Figo hatchback and Classic sedan models.

Ford Figo Recall

These possibly defective vehicles were manufactured in the period between January 2010 and June 2012. Ford has stated that the problem could lie in the steering system or the rear suspension setup.

According to official figures, exactly 166,021 units of both the Figo and Classic models have been called back. Ford will also replace the Power Steering hose in a totally different batch of 34,099

This massive recall comes close on the heels of another gigantic recall by Ford. It was only a year back when Ford had recalled around 1.2 lakh units of the same models to fix problems related to steering system and rear suspension.

The proactive measures taken by Ford to ensure customer safety are appreciable, but it does hang a question mark over the quality control procedures. The issue assumes gigantic proportions when one realises that the two models under the scanner are actually the blockbusters of Ford Motors.

Additionally, it also casts doubts over Ford Motors India Limited’s ability to stay alive to reputation. Recently, it had been reported that Ford India is tipped to become a global hub for small car operations. It is from here that many products will be shipped world over. Will they make a beeline for coming back from time to time??

Ford will inspect the rear axle as well as the power steering hose. The probable defects could lead to potentially hazardous situations. If you own a Figo/Classic, look forward to being notified by the company in the coming days.

Source : Economic Times




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