BikeAdvice: Ownership Review Contest – Win Prizes Worth Rs.10,000!

At BikeAdvice, India’s number one Motorcycle Blog, we are running an Ownership Review Contest wherein you can win motorcycling gear worth Rs 10,000.

All you  need to do is share an ownership review of your motorcycle with us in a neat and presentable form along with its few good quality pictures. The contest started on 9th of February and we have already received many ownership reviews of myriad of bikes which you can read at The contest ends on 28th February, so you still have 10 days left to participate and win very good quality Daijya helmets, riding gloves, tankpads and scale model bikes or an equivalent amount in cash! The following pic details the prizes.


You need to send your entries at ““. For all the details and help on what to include you can read the original article at BikeAdvice.

So, if you are planning to buy either of these things – a helmet, gloves, tank pads or scale models of bikes, just write about your bike, share it with our readers and who knows you might be the one who can own it for free!

You can also share your queries in the comments section below.

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