Audi has been going all guns blazing and is coming precariously close to BMW to snatch the leadership crown for Luxury market in India. 

However, BMW has hinted that it doesn’t want to play the mute game and would reply accordingly. Hendrik Von Kuenheim, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific and South Africa, BMW said “BMW will be the volume leader in the luxury car business worldwide, this year, next year and in the years to come,” .“Make no mistake about it, it would be the same in India too. The second half of the year belongs to us”


This confidence because BMW is all set to launch a slew of products during the second half. The first in line is the new BMW 3-Series which is scheduled to get unveiled on 27th July. Next in line is the facelift of the cheapest car they sell in India – BMW X1 SUV during the end of this year. They also revealed that the new 7-Series would also make an official entry in India this year itself.

BMW is also selling its existing 3-Series at an insane discount of upto 7 Lakhs.

On the other side, Audi said that they do not have any plans to clinch the numero uno position this year. They would want to end this year on a ‘healthy 2’ .


Source: Hindustan Times




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