BMW is reportedly working on a third low emission centric ‘i’ model. This new product though will not be based on any existing BMW product as the aim of the i sub brand is to change how people perceive a low emissions car. Also it is supposed to be the starting point of technological innovations being developed and adopted in the i vehicles and assimilated in the rest of the product line-up.

While things are at a very nascent stage and the brilliant people at BMW are still in research and development phase, we expect the new car to be revolutionarily different from the i3 and i8.

BMW i8

The i8 was recently launched in India and the company further wants to extend their low emissions sub brand in the country by bring the i3 in due course of time. The third i product though is still far and as per a report on Autonews Europe it will hit the roads only by 2020.


BMW-i3-India (5)

The report further adds that the folks at Bavaria are working on increasing the battery life on the two existing models. They aim to increase the battery density by a minimum 20 per cent every three years to offer more range or more performance or a mix of both. Existing models sold may not be retrofitted with these better batteries as they are integrated and bonded into the chassis.



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